Dental implants are expensive. Depending on the material you choose for your crown, you can expect to pay anywhere from $3,500 to $6,700. The stronger and longer-lasting the material, the higher the cost will be.

To get the most out of your investment, you need to avoid some common mistakes in dental implant maintenance. These mistakes can shorten the lifetime of even the most durable crown materials.

Want to know the top mistakes people make that wear out their implants faster? Keep reading this post for the top seven things to avoid after you get your new teeth.

1. Not Practicing Good Oral Hygiene

Cleaning dental implants is just like cleaning natural teeth. You must take good care of the dental crown to fend off decay. This includes brushing and flossing twice a day and rinsing with a non-whitening mouthwash at least once a day.

Additionally, part of maintaining good oral hygiene is attending bi-annual cleanings with your dentist. Cleanings help remove plaque hardened on your teeth and implant surfaces, and can prevent cavities, gingivitis, and more.

2. Using the Wrong Toothbrush

Hard toothbrushes can make the surface of your implant wear down faster. Instead, choose a soft-bristled brush. You can also invest in an electric toothbrush with a setting meant for implants.

3. Not Identifying Signs of Infection

Pain, swelling, and persistent bad breath are potential signs of infection. This is especially true if the first two symptoms pop up around your implant site. If you see these signs of infection, it’s time to schedule a dental appointment.

4. Using the Wrong Toothpaste

Do not use abrasive toothpaste, as it could damage the surface of your crown. Avoid ingredients like baking soda, sodium fluoride, stannous fluoride, or whitening chemicals like hydrogen peroxide or carbide peroxide.

5. Not Having an Implant Maintenance Routine

Living and eating with dental implants is virtually the same as with natural teeth. Still, be gentle. Avoid crunching on ice and other hard foods and objects, wear a nightguard if you grind your teeth, and avoid playing contact sports.

Finally, consider investing in the best dental implant maintenance tools. Interdental cleaning brushes, water pics or flossers, and implant-specific toothbrushes are all excellent tools to have in your implant cleaning arsenal.

6. Using Tobacco Products

In a study of more than five hundred dental implants, the failure rate was around 3%. The number one reason for dental implant failure was tobacco use. Using tobacco products can also stain your crown and reduce its lifetime.

Are You Making These Mistakes in Dental Implant Maintenance?

These seven mistakes in dental implant maintenance can cost you. Treat your implant with the same care as your natural teeth, and then some, to get the most out of your investment.

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