Natural Looking Composite Fillings by Dr. Parul Mehta in Temecula

Part of our restorative dentistry practice involves composite fillings. Composite filings are tooth colored natural looking dental filings that are the preferred by patients and doctors. Teeth that are decaying can often be restored with the proper care. We’ve found that composite fillings not only serve well in restorative dentistry, but they also serve as a cosmetic tool. Since composite fillings are tooth colored they can improve the appearance of your smile. Dr. Mehta & Associates have a firm grasp of the use of composite filling and have restored hundreds of smiles in Temecula and Riverside. We would love to do the same for you.

What is Involve in Composite Filling Procedures?

Cosmetic fillings are used to correct chips, cracks, stained and decaying teeth. The process is not painful and can be completed during a single visit. After your teeth are cleaned, a special etching solution is applied. Next, we’ll add the composite agent that has been mixed to match your natural tooth color. As we apply the filling, it is shaped into a contour that is suits your mouth. Lastly, the composite filling is cured with a curing light that bonds it in place. You’ll be surprised at how closely your composite filling will resemble your natural teeth.

The Choice Is Clear…


Cost of Composite Fillings

Most dental insurances will cover composite filling that are visible when naturally smiling. Nevertheless, composite filling are more expensive than metal fillings. We offer financing options that help you to acquire the smile of your dreams.

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