Dr. Mehta is fantastic, friendly and caring. And puts her patients at ease. After seeing what my previous dentist had done to my dentures, and I explained how I had to keep going back over 4 months and they never got them correct, she remade my dentures and it took only approximately 3 1/2 weeks and I have been smiling ever since. The office staff friendly and helpful. I

Love Dr Mehta and her staff. She's been taking care of my entire family for over 3 years. Loved my Invisiline results! Also is a kid friendly dentist.

Dr. Mehta was very patient with me and she worked with me to overcome my fear of dentist. She also worked with my kids and their fear. She explains to you what she is going to do before start of treatment and makes you comfortable. She is gentle and very friendly. Staff is very friendly and they always remember you name and greet with you big smile. Now my kids and I love to go their office.

It's hard for me to give a dentist 5 stars. I mean . . . really . . . who likes to go to the dentist? Not me. I worry about pain. And spending lots of money. And pain. And needles. And did I mention pain? Still, I force myself to go because its better to take care of any problems early.

In spite of my trepidation, I have to say that they do a great job here. The staff gets to know you and they are always professional and friendly. Dr Mehta is friendly, caring and does her best to put her patients at ease--even the super chickens like me. I really cannot say she's ever really caused me any pain--in fact, quite the opposite. My experiences here have always been positive. She does excellent work and cares that the patient is satisfied with the work performed.

I have marked the practice as "by appointment only" but of course if you have an emergency, she will squeeze you in. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for quality care at a reasonable price.