veneerDental Veneers in Temecula and Riverside, CA

One option of our cosmetic dentistry practice is the veneer. Patients that are seeking a more attractive smile can opt to have veneers. If you are dealing with embarrassment from smiling and would like to acquire a movie star smile, then veneers may be exactly what you want.

Who Are Veneers Right For?

Everyone’s oral health and tooth physiology differs. Therefore, one of our dentists will need to perform a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth. Veneers sometimes call for the removal of malformed (or extremely small) teeth that would disrupt a symmetric appearing smile. Generally, veneers work well for patients who have teeth that are:

  • Decaying or thinning
  • Chipped or broken
  • Naturally discolored or stained
  • Ill-developed due to congenital issues
  • Lacking symmetry in length or spacing (resulting in gaps or crowding)

It’s All About the Fit

We are perfectionists when it comes to your smile. So before we customize your veneers, we design your smile by making a mockup of effects of your veneers. Once you approve the smile design, we’ll move ahead with creating the veneers. We understand that introducing new substances to your mouth will require an adjustment period. However, we take meticulous steps to make sure that your veneers fit extremely well so that your adjustment period is greatly reduced.

Substance Behind the Surface

Although veneers may cover only the surface of your teeth, our service is much deeper. Each member of our staff is wholly dedicated to helping you have a healthy and beautiful smile. To achieve this, we receive on-going training on the most modern and effective dental techniques. Our aim is provide the highest quality of care through a compassionate team of dental professionals. Want to see behind the scenes of our dental office before you come? Then click here

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