Temecula’s Preferred Mini-Implant Dentist

While dentures are a common prescription for people who have lost their teeth or had their teeth removed, there are other ways to restore your smile. Overdentures are a permanent solution and are fastened into the jaw much like a typical tooth providing a much more natural feel and experience. At Dr. Mehta & Associates, we’ve mastered the procedures of crafting healthy, authentic, and beautiful smiles. Overdentures also known as mini-implants are the perfect procedure for those looking for a full set of teeth without the discomfort of removable dentures.

Change Your Life with Overdentures

Teeth are not permanent fixtures and many of us experience tooth decay, cavities, and even tooth removals. The loss of teeth are not only a cosmetic issue, but can also lead to other problems with speaking and eating. While dentures are often a remedy of this, food particles can get stuck in between plates and lead to discomfort.

Overdenture Solutions

  • Unlike plate based removable dentures, overdentures are mini implants that permanently fasten your new teeth into your jaw bone. We mimic the natural process of real teeth and their roots. This allows us to create you a set of dentures that are as sturdy, resilient, and comfortable as your natural teeth.
  • A mouth without teeth can lead to loss of bone strength and symmetry throughout the jaw bone. However, with overdentures, much like your natural teeth, your jaw actually strengthens.
  • By using bars that firmly plant into the jaw, overdentures are as sturdy and strong as organic teeth.

A Better Choice than Dentures

Overdentures are a much more reliable, healthy, and worthwhile dental procedure than typical dentures. If you want your old smile back, or simply want a more comfortable experience than typical dental plates than we at Dr. Mehta & Associates can install your new overdentures without troubling you with discomfort or annoyance.

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