Are You Making The Most of Preventative Dentistry?

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Are You Making The Most of Preventative Dentistry?

It is always better to avoid a fire than to put one out.  The same is true concerning your oral health.  It is always the best option to prevent dental problems instead of fixing them.  Hence, innovative, world-class preventative dentistry is the hallmark of Dr. Mehta and Associates.  Both our Temecula and Riverside offices feature dental technologies and tools that vastly improve our ability to identify and treat oral issues before they become large problems.  Below are a some of the most common preventative dental procedures that we offer along with a brief description of how they help to maintain good oral health.  If you would like to schedule an appointment now, call us at (951) 383-6858 (Temecula office) or (951) 667-1595 (Riverside office).

Common Preventative Dental Treatments

Some of the reasons we (and other dentists) strongly encourage regular dental visits include:

  • Improving patient oral and whole health
  • Decreasing costs associated with restorative dental treatments
  • Maintaining beautiful smiles for life

Here are some of the procedures we use to help you achieve the above.

Dental Cleanings.  One of the most efficient preventative dental procedures is a dental cleaning performed by a dental specialist.  Our team utilizes specific training to remove plaque and tartar safely.  ThiDental cleanings help our patients to avoid cavities in places that are difficult to reach

Fluoride Treatments.  Treating your teeth directly with fluoride produces three main advantages.  First, it helps to strengthen teeth.  It also assists teeth to resists decay.  Lastly, fluoride (at times) can reverse tooth decay when it is in its early stages.

Oral Cancer Screenings. Were you aware that nearly half a million people are diagnosed with oral cancer every year?  We perform screenings to help our patients identify early stages of oral cancer.  Early detection is the best ways to survive oral cancer.

In the future, we’ll provide blogs that detail the procedures listed above so that you can understand why dentists use them and why they are so effective.  Remember to maintain a good routine of oral hygiene at home to make the most of your preventative dentistry treatments.


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