Their school year has begun and there are a number of things to get in order to get your kids back into the education fold.  Yet, with everything to remember, it is easy to slack off dental hygiene—especially as the school year progresses.  Here are a few helpful tips that could help your kids maintain a healthy smile.

Keep Oral Hygiene Fun!

Kids enjoy fun tasks.  Therefore, the best way to help them maintain problem-free smiles is to make oral hygiene experience an enjoyable one.  Some parents are able to create a “brushing fun time” by singing songs, playing brushing games, and laughing in the mirror with their kids.  No matter the method that is used, the important thing is to inculcate a positive attitude about oral hygiene.  The pattern that is set during the school year can help your kids understand the importance of having a beautiful smile.

Don’t Neglect Baby Teeth

Although they will eventually be replaced, baby teeth fulfill an important role in building gum tissue and preparing your child for their permanent teeth.  Ill maintained baby teeth can result in infections, pain, unnecessary dental visits, and school absentees.  In worst-case scenarios, bad baby teeth can inhibit permanent teeth from growing incorrectly.  Therefore, help your kids understand how to brush and floss while they have baby teeth.  Doing so will train them to properly care for the permanent ones.

Schedule Bi-annual Dental Visits

Dental visit every six months can help you to see how effective your child’s dental hygiene regimen is.  Your dentist can help you and your child to catch trouble spots before they become a major one.  A good dental cleaning and a review of brushing and flossing given during these bi-annual visits.

Dr. Mehta & Associates truly wishes you a safe and healthy school year.  Do you want your kids to see behind the scenes of our dental office before they come? Our offices are conveniently located in Riverside and Temecula.