Even if you maintain a meticulous oral hygiene routine, it is possible to lose shades white on your teeth.  Diet, medication, genetics, age, and other factors can cause a less than perfect smile.

Could your smile use a little enlightenment?

If so, our Whitening treatment may be just the solution you need.  We use state-of-the-art dental whitening technologies and methods that yield the most effective results.  Many of our patients are astounded about how effective our professional whitening is compared to store-bought whitening systems.  Additionally, our whitening treatments are much safer than alternative solutions that have the propensity to damage teeth if misused.

The Best Whitening Treatment

Simply stated, a whitening treatment is a bleaching process that restores the natural white color of teeth.  The process must be conducted carefully so that enamel and tooth weakening does not occur.  Teeth whitening can be especially damaging if cavities are present.  This is why it is always best to seek a professional dentist to maximize the effects of this treatment.

What To Expect

After receiving a thorough dental exam, our dentists will confirm if a whitening treatment is safe for your teeth.  Once approved, we’ll apply a special compound of whitening agents (that are mixed with fluoride and potassium nitrate).  This solution’s effect can be seen in under an hour and helps to mitigate any teeth sensitivity that is associated with teeth whitening.  When you come in for a semi-annual cleaning, you can opt for a whitening treatment for free!

At Home Treatment

Alternatively, we can have impressions of your teeth taken so that a customized home whitening trays can be designed.  When these are ready, you’ll be able to use our solution at home.  Our team can give you pre-loaded trays or custom ones.  Either style will allow you to whiten your teeth during everyday functions safely.  You can even wear them while you are asleep!  At home treatments usually, yield results within two to four weeks of use.

It is best to come in periodically for quick office visits to have check-ups on your whitening treatment.  Additionally, certain foods and drinks with great colorings should be minimized or avoided to maximize the effectiveness of your at home treatment.

Our dental and hygienist will advise you in maintaining your new whitened smile in ways you might not have imagined.  You’ll see why Dr. Mehta & Associates is a unique experience in dentistry!

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