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White Wedding Smiles

One of the most important, prestigious celebrations in today’s society is that of the wedding. The talk of the occasion, the bride, and her groom, will want to look their best. Are you part of a wedding party (or perhaps the bride or groom)?  Getting a beautiful, flawless smile will help you to look forward to the occasion with confidence.  The team at Dr. Mehta & Associates has helped hundreds of patients getting ready for a wedding.  We have offices in Riverside and Temecula.

Best Smile Improvement Options

There are plenty of choices available that each of our offices is equipped to handle. One such option is professional teeth whitening. This is the safest and most thorough method of getting your teeth shiny white. There are no home treatments that can match an in-office dental whitening procedure. Additionally, we provide the safest applications of whitening substances.
If you have worn down or chipped teeth, your best option would be a dental crown or a veneer which is a sort of “cover replacement” for your teeth. You can eat, drink, brush and sleep with these, so there are no worries in that regard! Depending on the severity, crowns can also be implanted directly into the jaw to replace either destroyed teeth or missing teeth.  Implants act and function like normal teeth.

Finally, another option is called a veneer. Like the traditional crowns, this goes over the surface of the tooth and helps to repair it, but it’s much thinner than a crown and serves its purpose for less drastic situations. Veneers are quick and easy to apply.  Typically, we can complete a veneer procedure in one or two office visits.

Contact us, and we’ll figure out what you need!  Call us today at (951) 383-6858 if you are in Temecula or (951) 667-1595 if you reside closer to Riverside.

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