Unfortunately, teeth don’t always last forever. Thankfully, dental implants have a 97% success rate and offer a relatively affordable way to recreate teeth roots and rebuilt a mouth ready to chew.

Today we’ll answer the popular question of what are dental mini implants and give some insight on options for you and your teeth.

Dental Implants as a Tooth Solution

A dental implant is surgical implantation of metal, typically titanium. The purpose of this insertion is to root a prosthetic such as a dental crown or denture into the mouth.

Has anyone ever shared with you that one or more of their teeth are fake? They are probably wearing removable dentures or had dental implant surgery.

Removable dentures can be an easier and less expensive way to reclaim eating more comfortably. However, dental implants are often a better long-term solution. After surgery, a patient is able to eat normally without having to care for an external denture set.

Additionally, you can’t lose implants in the same way you can lose removable dentures! This is a win-win for comfort and ease of daily life. Make sure to recommend your friends to achieve this comfort as well.

What Are Dental Mini Implants

Mini implants are very similar to traditional dental implants. However, mini implants are smaller in diameter. These measure typically less than 3 mm.

Additionally, this means that surgical procedures to install mini implants are less invasive than traditional surgery. Are you or a loved one in need of implants but scared of more complicated surgeries? Mini implants could be the solution for you.

Less invasive surgeries also heal more quickly and create less discomfort. So why would you get regular implants instead of mini implants?

You may be better off receiving traditional dental implants depending on the area of your mouth that needs work. This is because traditional and mini implants require different lengths and orientation of bone to support their insertion.

Additionally, if you are guilty of grinding your teeth, some surgeons would recommend traditional implants. These are less likely to be displaced by teeth grinding.

Longevity of Implants

So dental implants, mini or not, are for you! But are they worth the cost? While 5 years is an often-quoted lifetime of implants, we think this is the minimum a good implant should last!

This number will also depend on your jaw mass and overall health. Take a read on what goes into estimating this number on our blog post on implant longevity.

Planning Your Tooth Solution

Now that you know what are dental mini implants, you’re ready to get started. By visiting with us, you’ll leave with a temporary crown on your first visit. Then, we’ll discuss options and potentially schedule surgery for a later date.

Ready to schedule a consultation with our team? Contact us via our website or phone today. Let’s get you eating comfortably again.