Trust is a weighty word.  When you put your trust in someone, it speaks volumes in regards to their character and integrity.  Hence, trust should not be given to just anyone—especially if that trust involves you and your family.  Dr. Parul Mehta has labored hard to build a dental practice that families can trust.  Each of our staff members has been handpicked and vetted to ensure that our practice is wholly trustworthy.

Over the years, we have worked with patients of all types and backgrounds.  Therefore, we have seen quite a number dental cases.  Below are a few reasons why you can trust our approach to dental care.

Dr. Parul Mehta & Associates Advancements

Dentistry continues to move forward with technology.  Medical science is constantly uncovering nuances about our bodies while unraveling smarter treatment methods.  We have adopted the concept of continuous improvement to our practice to stay in step with evolving dentistry.  Our investment in dental education enables us to improve patient treatment, post care, and comfort.

Caring For Children

Parents desire the best for their children.  Yet, sometimes it can be difficult to make a medical or dental decision that will affect your child’s life.  Therefore, we always provide detailed information to each parent about their child’s oral situation.  Such information often includes digital x-ray feedback and reasoning for the condition at hand.

Complete Transparency

Some dental practices have marred the dental industry by performing work that was not necessary or even scamming patients in various ways.  At Dr. Mehta & Associates, we take trust very seriously.  To earn our patients’ trust we provide full transparency before every procedure and its associated costs.  We even educate our patients in ways to reduce future dental problems.

If you need a dentist you can trust, schedule an appointment with us.

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