Teeth whitening solutions are everywhere.  A bright white smile is still quite elusive for many especially those with darkened teeth.  Confusion about which type of whitening solution works best coupled with warnings about overuse, cause some to put off teeth whitening.  If you have been looking for a safe and efficient teeth whitening treatment in Temecula or Riverside, your best bet is to seek help from a dental professional.


Dentists understand the reasons why teeth become discolored as well as the little nuances that help them to stay clean and healthy.  Remember a white smile may look beautiful but can have underlying problems that result in expensive fixes.  Dental professionals can identify these and eliminate them so that your smile is white and healthy.

Why do teeth become discolored or darkened?

Tooth Discoloration

Like other tooth problems, discolored teeth have some causes that a dentist will need to identify.  Nevertheless, some common factors are aging, diet, medications, and smoking.  As we age, the protective barrier around our teeth (called enamel) slowly diminishes.  When this occurs, the underlying dentin tooth layer is exposed which is naturally darker.  In the light dentin appears gray or translucent and presents a noticeably discolored smile.

Diet weighs heavily on tooth color.  The type of foods that you consume will significantly impact your teeth color.  Repeated drinking of coffee, tea, wine and flavored sodas can stain teeth.  This is doubly so if your teeth are not professionally cleaned semi-annually.

Some medications have an adverse effect on oral health.  Therefore, it is important to seek help from a dental professional in such cases.  They can help you to offset the side effects of the medications.  Research has confirmed that smoking is detrimental to oral health and can lead to heavily discolored teeth.  Avoidance of smoking and chewing tobacco products is essential to gaining and maintaining a beautiful white smile.

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