Good oral health and hygiene are directly linked to the health of your gums.  Gingivitis and periodontal disease affect the gums which in turn breaks down the foundation of teeth.  During the initial visit to any of our offices (Riverside or Temecula), we begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your oral wellness.  If we find that you have any gum conditions that threaten your gums, we will recommend our periodontal treatment.

Benefits of Our Periodontal Treatment

Dr. Mehta always takes a proactive approach to gum disease because it can quickly lead to severe oral problems.  There are four stages of gum disease (gingivitis, early periodontitis, moderate periodontitis, and advanced periodontitis).  The treatment plan that Dr. Mehta formulates will depend on the severity of the gum disease.  Nevertheless, some of the basic steps that are taken remain the same.

Step One: Evaluation

During your first visit, we’ll evaluate your oral health with a physical mouth examination, gum pocket exam, and digital x-rays.  We do this identify areas of concern below the gum-line and to check for any troublesome spots in your gums.  After the evaluation, we’ll discuss our findings with you and share any recommendations that we may have.

Step Two: Treatment

If we find any traces of gingivitis, gum recession, or periodontal disease, we will advise you on various advanced treatments that are available.  In any of these situations, our team will focus on strengthening the health of affected areas.  We will use the most efficient options possible to heal and boost your oral health.

Step Three: Prevention

The best way to sidestep future dental problems is to prevent them.  After every treatment, we’ll walk you through a variety of prevention techniques that are effective to ward off future dental problems.  We are passionate about educating patients about their oral and we are open to answering any questions you may have.

Leading Oral Health

Dr. Mehta & Associates takes pride in providing advanced dental procedures and treatments to the communities of Menifee, Murrieta, Riverside, and Temecula.  Our award-winning team works hard to be leaders in the dental industry.  We look forward to meeting you and giving you the best dental service with a smile.

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