A toothache can be one of the most excruciating pains you can experience. Toothaches are usually signs of serious issues within your mouth. Symptoms of a toothache may be:

  • Sharp pain and sensitivity
  • Intense ache
  • Problems with jaw movement
  • Pain throughout the mouth
  • Swelling
  • Throbbing pains

Are you experiencing any of the above symptoms?  If so, make an appointment with us immediately.  Dr. Mehta & Associates offers fast, comfortable dental services throughout the communities of Riverside and Temecula.

Common Causes of a Toothache

Gum Disease: Gum disease is more prevalent than you may suspect.  It typically results in bleeding or swollen gums and may cause throbbing throughout the mouth. To remedy gum disease at home many try a salt-water solution as mouthwash or increasing their vitamin C intake. Although these may result in a reduction of the symptoms, it is best to visit a dentist to fully get rid your mouth of the disease.

Loose Filling: A loose filling is rarely considered a dental emergency.  But you should see a dentist about the problem as soon as you can.  Why?  Everytime you eat or drink you will expose the tooth to further damage.  Additionally, because the filling is loose the strength of the tooth is compormised and could lead to a severe crack or total loss..

Infection: A tooth infection or abscess is a severe ailment and must be treated promptly. An abscess is the result of an infection that is growing.  In most occasions where an abcess is present, it is necessary to destory the bacteria before any procedure.  A dentist can precribe an antibitic medcation.

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