Each year, millions of people undergo wisdom teeth extractions.  However, many of these are performed only when wisdom teeth have become a source of pain.  Whether your wisdom teeth are coming in incorrectly or are already causing problems, we can help.  Our team understands that extracting wisdom teeth is commonly viewed as painful.  Nevertheless, Dr. Parul Mehta & Associates uses methods, medicines, and technologies that make invasive dental procedures like wisdom teeth extractions virtually painless.  After your treatment, you’ll wonder why didn’t come in sooner!

Wisdom teeth extractions are routine surgical procedures.  Standard dental plans cover the removal of the wisdom teeth making the treatment very affordable.  Since wisdom teeth are the last to come in, they have the propensity to cause oral problems.  Some grow in partially, impact themselves, or erupt at an angle adjacent to a molar.  Patients typically have a recovery time of three to five days following the surgery.

What To Expect

Local anesthesia will numb the gum, tissue, and area around the wisdom tooth allowing the oral surgeon or dentist to pull the tooth. When several wisdom teeth are being extracted, you may opt to use an alternative pain treatment like sedation. This general anesthetic will allow you to sleep comfortably through the procedure as the oral surgeon begins the extraction. After the anesthesia is administered, the tissue connecting the tooth to the bone is removed allowing room for the tooth to be extracted. In some cases, the oral surgeon will cut the tooth into smaller pieces for an easier extraction. Following the extraction of the wisdom teeth, surgical stitches will be used to close the hole in the gum line where the wisdom teeth were.  Some of the stitches may dissolve over time while others may need to be removed after a few days.

Following the procedure, your oral surgeon will advise you as to what foods to avoid over the next few days. Often eating soft foods is best after a wisdom teeth extraction. We will supply you with a dental care guide detailing specifics about activities and personal hygiene that is best for your situation. In many cases, patients will send you home with a prescription for pain management. Slight bleeding from the site is normal after the first 24 hours post-surgery. It is vital to avoid tobacco and alcohol use as this will slow your recovery time down and could lead to further complications.

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