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Dental Treatments for Snoring In Riverside & Temecula

Are you one of the millions of Americans suffering from snoring?  Snoring not only disturbs others who sleep near you, but the condition can also be bad for your health.  Often individuals who snore do not get restful sleep.  They may feel fatigued throughout the day and have bouts of mental fogginess.  Dr. Mehta & Associates works with patients of all backgrounds and circumstances to treat snoring.

Snoring & Dental Causes

Did you know that dental issues cause some snoring conditions?  While many are lead to believe that snoring is solely a medical problem, this is not wholly true.  When the tongue raises while a person is sleeping, there is a tendency for it to obstruct the throat’s air passages.  Once this occurs, the result is snoring sounds.  Another snoring sound cause is the uvula and soft palate blocking airflow.

Treatments for Dental Snoring

It is possible to keep airways clear with the use of a special mouth guard.  At our office, we can design custom mouth guards which clear patients’ airways.  Dr. Mehta uses her knowledge of orthodontics and sleep apnea to help patients overcome dental related snoring.

Common Questions About Snoring

Q: Are mouth guards difficult to use while sleeping?

A: The mouth guards that we form in-office are specifically-made for your mouth.  Store or internet bought snoring solutions are known to be uncomfortable.  They are designed to fit as many people as possible.  If you are concerned about comfort and usability while you are sleep, a customized solution from a licensed dentist is the best approach.

Q: Will the mouth guard choke me—especially if I toss and turn in my sleep?

A: Not at all.  Part of customizing a mouth guard is to ensure that it rest snugly in your mouth while you sleep.  During your dental visit, we’ll have you test the guard in multiple positions before leaving the office.

There is no reason for you to continue to suffer from snoring.  If you would like to make an appointment with us you can do so online or by calling the closet office to you.

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