A Closer Look At Our Root Canal Technologies

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A Closer Look At Our Root Canal Technologies

If you hear someone mention a root canal, you may cringe at the thought of pain. When the team at Dr. Mehta & Associates hears root canal, our thoughts focus on saving a tooth. We are highly experienced in saving diseased teeth via painless root canal therapies. Our team takes pride in specializing in treatments that are painless because we have access to modern dentistry’s most advanced and innovative technologies. We have an office fully equipped with the most advanced dental tools available so we can properly handle all kinds of root canal procedures painlessly.

Root Canal Treatments

We know that the right tools and equipment can play a significant part in the success and longevity of a root canal. Upon arrival at our office, you will be able to see some of these advanced tools that we use to improve the results of root canal therapy.  Here are some of the tools we use.

Computerized Digital Radiography

We have advanced x-ray equipment that doesn’t require film, which reduces the patient to exposure to radiation while also protecting our dental staff from being exposed to film chemicals. These digital x-ray files are easily enlarged, and we can archive, print, and forward to other doctors when necessary.

Electronic Apex Locators

Tooth length can vary significantly. We have electronic apex locators that will enable us to determine a tooth’s exact length.  These tools allow us to minimize x-rays and procedure times.  Additionally, it improves practitioner accuracy when performing root canals.

Sonic and Ultrasonic Equipment

Cleaning the canals at your tooth base is a critical part a root canal procedure. We have instruments that use sonic and ultrasonic energy to thoroughly and meticulously eliminate bacteria residing in the canals.

Surgical Operating Microscope

Using increased magnification and illumination, we can better visualize and treat the intricate sections of a root canal system.  This advanced tool helps the dentist to catch the tiniest details of a root canal to ensure that it is a complete success.

The dental team at Dr. Mehta & Associates enjoys sharing helpful dental information with our patients (and blog readers).  If you have concerns about a treatment or an oral health problem, feel free to call one of our offices nearest to you.  The contact number to our Riverside office is (951) 667-1595, while our Temecula office number is (951) 383-6858.  We serve patients in Menifee, Temecula, Murrieta, and Riverside.


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