If you have broken or damaged a tooth, the initial shock can catch you off-guard making you wonder what can be done to restore your smile and natural bite.  Nevertheless, there are ways to fix a broken tooth completely!  Dr. Parul Mehta & Associates of Temecula, California provides a unique approach to patients needing dental restorations due to sudden trauma including chipped teeth or a broken tooth.  The dental team led by Dr. Mehta has dental successes throughout Temecula and surrounding communities.

Understanding Broken Tooth Pain

Sometimes a chipped or cracked tooth does not have any pain.  Others do.  Usually, this is due to the depth of damage.

Often patients will experience severe pain when they chew, talk or drink.  Understanding the anatomy of your tooth will give you insights into why the pain is occurring.  Underneath the dentin layer of each of your teeth is a soft tissue layer known as pulp.  Pulp has numerous blood vessel and nerves throughout it.  When a tooth is broken, the cracked pieces, food or liquids can have direct contact with the nerves.  The result is excruciating pain.

Even in cases where pain is not present, it is best to make a dental appointment with us as soon as possible.  Cracks and chips in your teeth will create micro-fracturing in the tooth.  These tiny cracks will allow substances into the pulp which will lead to infections.

Types of Broken Teeth

Identifying the type of damage done to your tooth can help you to protect it properly before your dental appointment.  Below is a short explanation of different tooth injury types:

  • Craze lines: These are horizontal or vertical lines that stretch along the enamel of the tooth. Although the damage is minimal craze lines can result in larger issues if left untreated.
  • Enamel fractures: A superficial chip that often irritates the lip or tongue due to its sharp edges.
  • Dentin fractures: This is a more serious fracture that involves pain and discomfort. Because dentin is softer tissue, damage to it signals nerves in the pulp layer easier.
  • Pulp fracture: When a break reaches the pulp layer, intense pain will occur. This is a dental emergency that should be addressed immediately.
  • Root fracture: In some cases, the root of a tooth can fracture. Since this occurs under the gum line, it is not visible.  If you are having constant pain under the gum line of a tooth, come into our office immediately.

What To Do If You Have A Broken Tooth

What you do after you break a tooth can determine whether you can save the tooth or if it will be lost entirely.  As a dental rule of thumb, it is best to keep and restore natural teeth if at all possible.  Following the steps below will increase the chances of saving your tooth.

Step One

First, deal with cleaning up the injury and reducing the pain.  If blood is present, wash it out with lukewarm water. Apply pressure to the bleeding spot with a clean wet cloth or tea bag.  Once the bleeding is minimized, use a small ice bag to reduce and prevent swelling.

Step Two

Call us or come in immediately if necessary.

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