Now that the school year is back in gear, parents are scheduling and setting up dental checkups for their children.  Are you?  If so, you’ll want to make sure that your child is given a proper checkup during the back-to-school rush.  One of the aspects that parents note about our dental checkups, particularly back-to-school checkups, is our thoroughness.  We pride ourselves on giving kids and older children the most comprehensive dental checkup possible, while simultaneously creating a comfortable dental experience.

Riverside & Temecula Back to School Checkups

Teeth can change a lot over the summer break.  The laxity of the summer season sometimes leads to the beginnings of cavities and other dental issues.  A dental checkup before or slightly after the beginning of the school year can help to mitigate major dental problems.  Some of the services we perform are:

  • Chairside Professional Cleanings – There is nothing like our in-office cleanings. We use state of the art dental equipment and the latest methods to clean teeth.  Sometimes kids have hard to reach areas that create dental problems.  We not only clean, but we also show parents and kids better techniques to clean these at home.
  • Cancer & Anomaly Screenings. Part of our dental checkups involves screening for abnormalities in teeth, gums and connective dental tissues.  In rare cases, children can suffer from dental anomalies which can present several serious problems.  Identifying these issues at early stages is the best measure to treat them successfully.

Dr. Mehta & Associates assists patients in the Riverside, Temecula, and surrounding communities to acquire the smile they desire.  Dr. Mehta carefully balances the art and science of dentistry with every treatment.  Moreover, she never compromises on the long-term oral health of the patient.

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