10 Ways To Improve Your Oral Health – Part I

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10 Ways To Improve Your Oral Health – Part I

Protecting your oral health involves more than brushing your teeth.  While regular oral hygiene is a great habit, it can be offset by other bad habits.  At the offices of Dr. Mehta & Associates, we notice the aftereffects of habits patients have.  Although we can often treat the results of bad oral habits, it is a better idea to lose the habit.  Here are some common habits to avoid.

Chewing Your Nails or Eating Ice

Nail biting and chewing ice are two common habits for calming the nerves.  Although it may seem harmless, these actions will harm your teeth by creating microfractures in tooth enamel.  Eventually, the enamel wears leading to tooth altering.  Both habits also strain the jaw and increase the chances of TMJ symptoms.

Brushing Too Hard

While brushing vigorously seems ideal if you want to protect your teeth from decay, it can have the opposite effect.  Hard brushing causes oral damage in two ways.  First, gum tissues are quite sensitive.  When toothbrush bristles strike hard against gum tissue continuously, injury results.  In time, gum tissues will begin to recede.  Secondly, hard tooth brushing wears enamel leaving the tooth more susceptible to damage.

The Diet Soda Conundrum

Sugar feeds plaque-causing bacteria.  So many individuals substitute sugar-laced soda for sugar-free soda.  While the lower sugar content will decrease the number of bacteria, the other substances in soda can still damage and stain your teeth.

Bacteria Toothbrush

The importance of keeping your toothbrush clean cannot be understated.  Cleaning a toothbrush is relatively easy.  However, an often-overlooked danger is storing it while it is still wet.  Bacteria and mold thrive in dark, moist areas.  Instead of rinsing your toothbrush and popping it in a case.  Take a minute to dry if it off first.

Caring for your oral health is a way of life.  Hence, replacing bad habits with good ones will help you to protect your oral health and all the benefits that come with it including a beautiful smile.  In our next blog, we’ll cover five more tips that improve oral health.

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