Good oral hygiene rests at the center of maintaining oral health.  Still, other things need to occur to keep your mouth healthy.  In our previous blog, we touched on five tips that can help you to improve your oral health.  Here are five more.

Beware of DIY Teeth Straightening

Whenever teeth are unaligned, it is always best to get professional orthodontic care.  Straightening teeth alone via mail-order treatments is a literal gamble.  There is a long list of things which could go wrong.  One of the worst-case scenarios is self-inflicted tooth loss.

After Meal Brushing

After you eat, the enamel of your teeth become temporarily weakened.  Introducing bristles and an abrasive like toothpaste will clean your teeth, but it can also do irreparable harm to the enamel.  Hence, Dr. Mehta recommends that you wait about a half hour before brushing your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Toothpick Trauma

Toothpicks are sharp objects used to remove foods stuck between teeth.  The key point is that they are sharp.  You can cause a lot of damage to your gums with a toothpick.  Consequently, it is best to floss instead of using a toothpick.


The list of dangers associated with smoking is too numerous to recount.  One that we like to feature is smoking’s connection to gum disease.  The introduction of tobacco to gums slows their natural ability to heal.  Hence, gum discoloration and inflammation increases with ever drag from a cigar or cigarette.

Too Much Tooth Whitening

There is a common misconception that a white smile is a healthy one.  This myth has contributed to a growing number of individuals excessively bleaching their teeth.  The gold standard of tooth whitening is one performed by a professional dentist trained in tooth whitening systems.

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